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I help women rediscover their true self, harnessing their power, in a journey to self love, self worth and self confidence

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Get past the emotional turmoil that has culminated as a result of being in an unpleasant or abusive relationship.

We will make sense of where you are and how you got there, identify these feelings and pain you are experiencing and the circumstance around them.


Through a shift in awareness and focus to things you CAN change and have control over, and integrate all aspects of your being to bring about a healthy sense of self worth and regain confidence by transforming internal dialog, establishing boundaries and removing resistant thought.

Be supported by others that are survivors and understand how outrageous, confusing and defeating narcissistic abuse feels.


I am a survivor of domestic abuse and chronic illness.   I have overcome these adversities and I want to invite you to meet yourself where you are to overcome yours.  When you begin to have awareness of where you are and where you want to be, that is where your healing journey begins.


​Overcoming abuse is an inside job.  I will help you establish a new peace within you, guiding you through a rediscovery process, reclaiming the fulfilled life you've wanted to live.  I'll show you how to turn inward with self-love and reconnect you to your true self.

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